Die hard

Reviewed by one of the great philosophers of the past!

Here is what Aristotle had to say...

Plot: "This film had a terrific and well thought out plot. I enjoyed how the plot was easy to follow and very organized. This is why I believe plot is the most important because without it there is no story to go along with the movie." - Aristotle

Character: "The characters were well developed and this film included various types of characters including round and flat characters. John McLean, the main character was round and even complete with an implied back story." - Aristotle

Thought: "This film included great thought! This movie caused me to think about the characters and inspired me to think about what would happen next." - Aristotle

Diction: " I really enjoyed the diction from this movie! It was truly memorable." - Aristotle

Sound: The sound in Die Hard was very dramatic and fun. It caught the ear of the audience." - Aristotle

Spectacle: " This movie definitely had a lot of spectacle going on! The explosion, blood, guts, and gore definitely caused extra drama that caught the eye of the public."

So Come And See Die Hard In Theaters Today!!!