DAEA Newsletter

Spring 2016

From Your President

Dear Members,

As this newsletter is prepared we begin the countdown to the end of another school year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of our association and its efforts to work for your best interests. We continue to advocate for our members, students and the community. Thank you to the many who work behind the scenes to serve you and our school family. Thank you to our building representatives, mail box stuffers, Jeans Day organizers, banquet planners, leadership team members and those who attend school board meetings. Whatever your role in our association, your service is vital to our success as an organization. When you receive your Volunteer Sign Up Sheet for 2016-17, please consider supporting our association in any way that you can. Let’s all get involved!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the privilege of representing you the past 2 years as your president. DAEA has been busy over the past 2 years representing you in many ways. Thanks to our negotiating team, we have a new contract that will take us into 2020. We continue to raise money for area organizations. We offer a DAEA Scholarship to a graduating senior who will major in education. We are monitoring our insurance benefits and we continue to work with our district administration and school board to address your concerns.

I look forward to seeing you all at the banquet as we say good-bye to friends who are retiring and spend some time enjoying the company of so many colleagues that we may not get to see throughout the school year. Have a great end of the year and enjoy your summer as you take some time to rest, relax and recharge!



A Note of Gratitude to Our Reps

We want to thank you for your dedicated service to our school and DAEA colleagues throughout the years. Thank you to those stepping down, those choosing to continue to serve and those becoming reps for the first time next school year.

This can seem like such a thankless job at times, so we just want you to know we truly appreciate all of your efforts. 2016-2017 is going to be another great year at DASD.

DASD 2016 Retirees

DAEA wishes our 2016 retirees success and happiness in their future endeavors. They have left an indelible mark in our schools and we will miss their professional expertise.
Paul Adams: High School Science Teacher, 17 years

Janice Botterbusch: High School French Teacher, 37 years

Barbara Eshenour: High School Science Teacher, 21 years

Kathryn Hughes: High School Guidance Counselor, 31.31 years

Sandy Moyer: High School English Teacher, 35.2 years

Mark Noll: High School Social Studies Teacher, 36 years

Robert Moyer: Middle School Math Teacher, 18 years

Save the Date

DAEA Spring Banquet

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York County Coordinating Council Revs Game

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PSEA Reminders

Act 48

PSEA's Continuing Professional Education (Act 48) Program - The Professional Learning Exchange

PSEA's Continuing Professional Education Program has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to continue to offer Act 48 credit hours.

PSEA is dedicated to assisting its members in all aspects of their careers. The Professional Learning Exchange presents multiple opportunities for members to seek their personal best in their work. Ultimately it is the individual’s responsibility to determine his or her professional needs and to engage in those activities that maximize their professional effectiveness.

Legislative Update

PSEA members sent more than 150,000 emails to legislators - and stopped the worst attack on our pensions we've seen to date. In late December, state representatives defeated Senate Bill 1071, a pension bill that would have made Pennsylvania's educator retirement system the third worst in the nation.

Member Benefits

Please remember that your PSEA membership card is your ticket to countless savings opportunities. Discounts, savings and online coupons for various products and services are available to you via this link: https://www.psea.org/memberbenefits/

DAEA Reminders

Locating Resources

Please take note of the added resources under the “Staff” tab on the Dallastown Home Page. The Act 48 link and Conference/Course/Staff Development Registration has been provided for greater ease with locating necessary documents.

New Tuition Reimbursement Request Form

The tuition reimbursement request form has been updated as per Robin’s email. “The document has been revised to include a line beside each required piece of documentation listed at the top of the form so employees can check off each item as it is collected. Additionally, an option has been added to the form for professional employees to mark if Act 48 hours need to be uploaded to the PDE for an out-of-state college/university. The new form has been added to SharePoint.

Here is the link to the form on SharePoint:

Tuition Reimbursement Request Form

Contract Corner

  • It is highly recommended that everyone take the time to read our contract. Knowing the contract helps all of us to protect the language and working conditions. Each of us has different needs and questions at different times of our work year, thus our focus will go to select areas of the contract. But please remember that all of us share in the responsibility to periodically review our contract so that we can uphold the conditions of the agreement. If you would question a working condition, contact your building rep so clarification or an investigation can take place. Timeliness is often a factor.

  • The contract is located at http://daea.psealocals.org/. It is also posted in SharePoint under DASD Drive, DASD Forms & Info, and Professional Staff Information. Be sure to open the most recent agreement (Teacher’s contract 2015-2020).

Please read the contract before emailing with questions.

Personal Days

As we begin the countdown to summer and start using our remaining personal days, here are a few reminders!

  • Three (3) days of personal leave will be granted to full-time employees each year, however, employees may not use in excess of five (5) consecutive personal leave days at any one time.

  • One (1) personal leave day shall be available during the first or last nine (9) contract days of school or the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas, mid-winter and Easter vacation. Five (5) contract days’ notice should be given whenever possible. An employee must gain approval to utilize a personal day during those first or last nine days.

  • At the conclusion of each school year, any employee who has in excess of four (4) unused personal leave days remaining will be paid only for their days in excess of those four (4) personal leave days at the rate of $215 per day.

Social Media Policy

Members should review the social media policy! Do not share your passwords. All members should be VERY careful concerning computer use. Teachers should NOT have their phones/computers/technology accessible to students at any time. Teachers should refrain from using personal devices while in direct contact with students.
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Other Friendly Reminders

  • Minimum planning time is outlined and professional staff is expected to use planning time for professional responsibilities. Your planning time is negotiated for your planning and should not be regularly taken by administrative directives. In addition, members are respectfully asked to use the time they are given to be completing school related tasks.

  • Understand the guides that define the use of sick days. Guidelines include family sick leave, routine medical appointments, and the time expected to notify the district for a substitute.

  • Do not refuse an administrative directive. Work the directive and then discuss issues with your building rep. Refusing a directive could be insubordinate.

Have Questions, Concerns or Suggestions?

President: Shelly Van Pelt

Chief Negotiator: Beth Walker

Vice Presidents: Mark Young, Shannon Ebersole, Ben Abeles

Secretary: Susan Misiolek-Lee

Treasurer: Karen Dressell

Elementary Coordinator: Jan Woods

Secondary Coordinator: Kelly Strayer

Insurance Liaison: Jennifer Rogers

Grievance/Contract: Meghann Winemiller

Volunteer Coordinator: Kristen Moose

Legislative/PACE: Ben Abeles

Membership/Sick Bank: Heather Lehr

Thanks for a great 2015-2016 school year. Your dedication to our students and district is appreciated! Enjoy your summer with family and friends!