what is anorexia


anorexia is when people think they are too fat and they stop themselves from eating and they don't eat and become really skinny

15 signs of anorexia

some signs are

1. dizziness or fainting ,

2. hair that looks thin or falls out,

3, they are cold all the time,

4. extreme weight loss,

5. they look thin,

6. they have dehydration,

7. they also can have dry skin

8 .depression

9. strange eating habits

10. unusual interest in food

11.dieting when they are thin

12. excessive exercising

13. brittle nails

14. monoitoring their food

15. only eating certain foods and small meals


anorexia is dangerous because it causes a lot of trouble with your health and it is life threatening if you go a little too far or do it for a while it can cause damage to your throat and your stomach