Writing Workshop

Inspiring Writers

In the beginning...

In the beginning, we all asked our teachers, what is writing workshop? Lets start by breaking it down. Lets do some brain storming together!

What is a writer?

What is a workshop?

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A writing workshop is a time when we take out our writing tools, and get to work! We have already learned a whole lot about grammar conventions, punctuation, discussed forms and learned about all the writing nitty gritty.

Now is the time to put it all to practice! Time to write stories and poems, debate ideas, and teach each other cool stuff!

What will it look like?

There will be a chunk of time dedicated for writing workshop! You will be going through a process that takes time, I I don't want anyone to feel too rushed.

Tools will be made available! What kinds of tools do you think are used by writers?

Now we have the time and the tools for our writing workshop. What about where? Well, you can work at your desks, or you can move around to a more comfortable part of the room. Don't let your chair limit your creative minds!

What will it sound like?

Well, there will be a lot of activity going on. While a wood carver's workshop isn't silent like a library, there isn't too much noise going on either!

The radio might be on in the background, talking and sharing our writing is also encouraged, but always within reason!

Why a writing workshop?

What is the point of setting it up this was? The pros, so to speak.

*** It is yours. Totally and completely your writing! You are going to own the time and produce something you can be proud of. You will get the chance to share it with the class, the school, your parents, or anyone else you think will enjoy your work

*** When sharing your work, it's not just for gold stars, but to hear what others might have to add. This is a time to ask questions, build on knowledge, and help each other become the best writers you can be!

Basically, it will give you independence over your learning. There will be a little bit of me teaching mini-lessons and at the start, I will be guiding you a lot through the different stages of the writing process, but it won't be long until you work together, learn together, and grow together as writer.

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What am I doing?

Helping you discover topics to write about.

Show how to discuss writing in effective ways.

Show you how to confer with each other productively.

Help you see how to use different mechanics and conventions of writing.

I will also be doing mini lessons with you, but they will be short!

We will be meeting up throughout the writing process to talk about how you are doing. At any time, you can come up with any questions or curiosities.

At the end of every writers workshop, I am going to ask you what stage you are at in your writing. This is to help me know where everyone is at with their writing.

What are you doing?

You are going to be amazing students with eyes and ears wide open during mini lessons

Throughout the writing time, you are not going to erase anything! All you need to do is strike it out with one line.

When writing on paper, you are going to skip every other line (room for edits and ideas) and only write on one side of the page.

You are going to save everything! Please don't throw out any brainstorming or rough work pages

When you are conferencing with your classmates, be respectful. Do not interrupt when a classmate is speaking,

When I am working with someone, please be respectful and patient. You can ask another student your question or please wait until I am done working with a student.

Writing! Creating!

Working hard!

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What is the point of writing? Is it just for me, your teacher, to read through and give you a mark?


The goal is for you to share your work too!

Where can we share? On the walls around the school! On the school's Facebook page! On the classroom blog! Maybe even on your own blogs.