JW Reason Elementary

4th Grade Newsletter-February 2016

What's on the Calendar?

Feb. 5: Yearbook Orders are DUE!

Feb. 8-11: Conference Week

Feb. 11: Skate America Party

Feb. 11: Class Valentine's Day Party

Feb 12 & 15: NO SCHOOL (President's Day Weekend)

Feb. 26: End of 2nd Grading Period

What are We Learning About?

February Curriculum

Math- This month we are all about FRACTIONS!! Students need to be able to work with, model, compare, and understand fractions, just like we do whole numbers. This month we will be focusing on comparing fractions (using 1/2 as a benchmark), making equivalent fractions, and understanding the size of the fractions. We are stressing the importance of being able to show our thinking using models for the fractions to deepen our understanding.

Reading- We are in the middle of deepening our comprehension of Non-Fiction texts. We have focused on Cause and Effect (an organization strategy that many authors use), and we are going to continue to use it think deeper about the overall impact of the stories. How do the events work together? What overall impact or impression do they leave on you as a reader?

Writing- This month we are starting our second writing cycle. We will be writing Narratives. A narrative is simply a story. Students will have the choice to write a personal narrative (something that happened to them in real life) or make one up, a realistic fiction narrative. We will be focusing on writing with descriptive details that bring the story alive. Writers use strong, descriptive words, dialouge, and other craft techniques.

Social Studies- We are continuing to work our way through American History. We covered the American Revoultion and are learning about important events that came after that helped shape Ohio and our nation, and our belief in Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Parent- Teacher Conferences

Monday, Feb. 8th, 4pm to Thursday, Feb. 11th, 8pm

4790 Cemetery Road

Hilliard, OH

Just a reminder that next week is conferences. If you scheduled a conference, a confirmation form was sent home with your student today. Please look for this blue slip of paper. If you need to reschedule your conference, please let me know as soon as possible!

Yearbook Orders

This Friday, February 5th, is the deadline to order yearbooks. If you need a new order form, let me know and I will send one home. Yearbooks are $14.00 each and usually go home the last week of school.


February 11th

We will have a small Valentine's Day celebration at the end of the day on the 11th. We do NOT have school on the 12th. If you choose to send in valentines, please be sure to send in one for each student. A newsletter went home with everyone's name on it last week. I will provide a small snack.