Technology Tidbits

January 2016

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Capstone Interactive

We have a number of Capstone Interactive books available to use with your classroom or for students to use at home. These are wonderful titles that will read to the students so they are perfect for struggling readers or for ELL students. We have a large number that support our ELA curriculum or current areas of research. One highlight is that they can be used by any number of students at the same time. Therefore, if a grade level is studying animals and wants to read a certain book any number of students in any number of locations can read that book at the same time. Unlike most e-books you will never get a message that the book is checked out and unavailable.

You can find these books on the Splash Page under STUDENT RESOURCES. If you would like me to show you how to use these I would be happy to do so.

You can also access it at: username: longwood password: school

Also, we just purchased many more books to add to our collection. If you have used these before be sure to check out the new titles!

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Flicpsnack (edu)

Flipsnack is a great tool to help students make digital books. If you sign up be sure to use the edu website vs the regular Flipsnack website. You can open a free account that will provide you with 10 free student accounts. This is a fun way for students to create digital books. It would be a great way for students to demonstrate knowledge on something you just taught versus a traditional pencil and paper test. You could also create a lesson that you wanted students to view. This would be great for re-teaching or for when students need enrichment or further intervention. For more information go to
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WebPath Express

Do you worry about students randomly searching the web and coming upon inappropriate subject matter? This is a valid concern. WebPath Express is a search method that can be accessed through our library catalog that provides a safe way for students to search for material. This will search articles, books, and databases we have to find results. All results are vetted and are deemed safe for students. We do not want students doing random Internet searches. We would like all searches to go through WebPath Express to insure that they are providing age appropriate results. I would be glad to show you how to use this if you are unfamiliar. I would also be happy to come show your students how to use it as well. (One nice feature is that you can search by grade level as well as by language. This makes it easier to tailor results to individual students.)