Tawanka Times

February 2017


Kind-Hearted Fourth Grade Helpers

For the past two months, fourth grade students from Mrs. Gartenmayer’s classroom have been volunteering during recess to assist in Mrs. Neff’s kindergarten classroom. The older students rotate on a weekly basis and help the little ones with sounding out letters, sounding out words, writing sentences and with reading comprehension skills. Most of all, they encourage the younger students to do their best!

The kindergarten students, in turn, are eager to absorb all they can. Their happy smiles when looking up to the fourth graders show their delight. The classes hope to continue this partnership for the rest of the school year. These connections echo the meaning of the word TAWANKA, “A willingness to succeed!” What better way than by helping each other!

1st Grade

First grade marked the 100th day of school on Monday the 13th! Each class spent a chunk of time creating, estimating and searching/counting at several STEM stations located in the pod. Children worked with a partner to create something by using a particular item such as popsicle sticks. After some time, they move to the next station where they created with cups. Six stations were available. Children employed skills by estimating how many items are in a container. There were ten containers filled with items like cotton balls or crayons. First graders also searched the “Big 100 Picture” for specific items, counted and recorded that number on their recording sheets. These challenges were surely engaging! There was time for self-reflection at the end. Children shared what they considered the easiest station, the most challenging station, and their favorite station.

2nd Grade

The second grades had a sweet Valentine's Day exchanging Valentine cards and playing Valentine Bingo together in our pod.

Second grade also celebrated the 100th day of Tawanka. Mrs. Hanna's class made 100 bags. They filled them with 100 items and then shared their collections with the class. Students organized and counted the items in various ways to make 100. They then played a 100 items Memory game along with other "100"related math games.

3rd Grade

The Third Graders have been working hard in math learning time and money. They continued working with rocks and minerals in their science unit as well. For the month of February, the team will be participating in the Kindness Challenge to celebrate Random Act of Kindness Month at Tawanka. The students read the book, Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler by Margery Cuyler, and were challenged to perform 10 acts of kindness by the end of the month. They will be using hearts to keep track of each act of kindness they perform on a chart in their classroom.

4th Grade

Tawanka fourth graders visited Attelboro Nursing Home to spread Valentine Kindness. The students prepared homemade valentines to distribute, read poems and performed magic tricks. Music was provided by a few students and their strings, along with the entire fourth grade singing some ‘good old’ favorites led by Mr. Barber and his guitar. The residents and students seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.


Snowmen drawings from grades 3rd, 2nd & Kindergarten.

In art, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. ~ Bob Ross

Physical Education

Students are using their teamwork to build castles in gym. These kindergarten students are showing cooperation and togetherness.

Library News

Parents – let’s try to win a visit from children’s author/illustrator Jan Brett!!!

Very easy to do – register using your email address by April 3rd at the website link below.

Feel free to share with grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

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Principal's 200 Club

Tawanka Tokens and Congratulatory Telephone Calls Home have continued to highlight the Positive Behaviors of the remarkable boys and girls at Tawanka Elementary School. Our principal, our teachers, our staff and other adults who watch over the children are on the look-out for students who are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and SAFE throughout the school day. This could be at any time: in their classrooms, the cafeteria, the bathrooms, assemblies, the playground and in the hallways. It’s a difficult task, because so many students are doing the right thing and we are limited on the number given out each week! Not everyone will have received a Tawanka Token sticker yet, but the students excellent behavior is appreciated.

Pick-a-Chip Friday is an exciting event held each week for students currently in the Principal’s 200 Club Bulletin Board. It’s a random chance for students to earn extra treats! When a row on the board is filled, there’s another opportunity for a special drawing.

Please keep encouraging your child to be an Empowered Tawanka Eagle and to keep the our school behavior flying high! In fact, our mascot soared in last week making a big debut. We are all proud of our Tawanka Team Spirit!

Upcoming Events at Tawanka

  • School Store 2/10 & 2/24/2017
  • NED Show, Book Challenge Ends & Spirit Day (wear your Tawanka Gear) 2/17/2017
  • Ice Skating 2/19/2017 @ Bucks County Ice Sports 4:40pm-6:10pm
  • Reminders for Parents

    2/20/2017 - District Closed/School Closed

    2/21/2017 - School Closed Teacher PD/Act 80 Day

    2/23/2017 - Kindergarten Tooth Buddies

    2/24/2017 - PA State Police Assembly

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