Winter Break Housing

Request deadline - Dec. 14 @ 10am

The dormitories at Summit University will CLOSE on Thursday, December 17th at 5pm ending the Fall semester. Dormitories will reopen on Sunday, January 10th for all students.

On campus housing during the Winter Break is limited to student athletes or those in a Winterim course. Students who meet that criteria and need on campus housing must submit a request for housing accommodations by Monday, December 14th at 10am. Any requests after that time must be made in person in the OSD.

If you think you need housing for ANY OTHER REASON during the time in which the school is closed you must request permission from the Office of Student Development and pay a fee for housing accommodations. If/when the cafeteria is open you will also be responsible to pay for your own meals. Your spring meal plan will officially begin Monday morning, January 11th. Permission requests for Winter break housing must be in by December 14th, at 10am. Not all requests will be granted.