By: Sara Meurer

The Capital

Guatemala City
Ciudad De Guatemala The Most Beautiful CapitaL in Central America Paul van Dyk Nothing But You

National Anthem


The lyrics talk about how beautiful their country is, and how proud they are of their country.
National Anthem of Guatemala (instrumental with lyrics) - Himno Nacional de Guatemala

Area of Guatemala

108,890 square kilometer (42,042 miles)
Guatemala Scenery


Moutainous, except the coastal regions and northern lowlands
Guatemala helicopter flight over various terrain


Tropical, hot, humid in lowlands, cooler in highlands
Climate Project: Guatemala


14,757,316 people
The people of Guatemala

Ethnic Groups

Mestizo, Indigenous people
Guatemalan Indiginous people talk about their treatment


Main language- Spanish, 24 indigenous languages ( Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Mam, etc.)

Major Industries

clothing and textiles, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, and other medical supplies.
San Lucas, Guatemala Nov. 1, 2011


coffee, sugar, bananas, cardamoms, vegetables, flower, plants, timber,and rice.

Action Research: Sustainable Agriculture in Guatemala


Coins : Guatemala 5 Centavos 2009 Coin


Roman Catholic, Protestant
Prayercast | Guatemala

Historical Facts

The country's name comes from Nahuatl Cuauhtemaltan which means " place of many trees". Also another main feature is the ancient Tikal Mayan Ruins.
Mayan Ruins Tikal Guatemala - Maya Civilization - 2012 Maya Calendar - White Collar Vagabond


Unitary Presidential, and Constitutional Republic
Guatemalan government to answer peasants' demands after a protest

Famous Actor

Oscar Isaac
Drive Featurette -- Oscar Isaac

Famous Singer

Carlos Pena

Big Time Rush - Like Nobody's Around

Famous Athlete

Mariano Rivera- Yankees
Mariano Rivera 2011 Mix (The Greatest Closer in The History of Baseball)

Guatemalan Leader

Otto Perez Molina
Impresiones de Otto Pérez Molina, visita de Obama en Costa Rica


Blue represents the two oceans and the sky that tie together the country. White represents peace and purity.
Flag of Guatemala - Bandera de Guatemala

TV Programs

Most areas have english channels, others include Guatevision, Canal 3.
Guatevision Navidad


Mcdonalds Guatemala
Guatemala Winter