Andrew Jackson

The great Zero

The Indian Removal act

The Cherokee were a Native American Nation living in the Southeast United States. They were changing and assimilating into american culture to avoid conflict with Americans. However, it did not work. The land that the Cherokee and other native American Tribes were living on was filled with Gold, and was very fertile and perfect for growing crops. Georgia and other states wanted this land for themselves so they started pushing the Native Americans off of their land. A missionary named Samuel A. Worcester helped the Cherokee to realise that what was being done to them was wrong, and encouraged them to sue in the case The Cherokee Nation v. The State of Georgia. Cheif Justice John Marshall ruled in favor of the Cherokee , saying that they were a soverign nation and that Georgia could not Interfere. Jackson responded with the infamous statement, "He has made his statement, now let him enforce it!" Following this statement he signed the Indian removal act on May 28, 1830, which gave the president power to negotiate land trades with Native American nations living east of the Mississippi. This was a good idea in theory, however the government didn't really do most of the things that were outlined and this resulted in a lot of resistance from the Native americans, and eventually resulted in the Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears

Because of the Indian Removal Act, many Cherokee and other Native American Nations were forced to leave their homes and land, and where they'd buried their ancestors for centuries back,and were made to march West into what would today be Oklahoma. The conditions that the Native Americans Marched through were horrid,and Cherokee were forced to walk through intensely warm, and even snowy weather. There were no physicians medicine,food ,or other supplies, all of which the U.S. had promised the Cherokee. As a result, an estimated 4,000 Cherokee died, mostly children and the Elderly.

Destroying the Bank of america

When Nicholas Biddle, second president of the second Bank of the United states realized that Andrew Jackson was set on destroying the Second Bank, he asked for a recharter in January of 1832, four years before the original charter expired. He'd hoped that by making the bank an Election Issue he could get Jackson to support it out of fear he would lose the election. The recharter bill passed congress and was brought to Jackson for approval Jackson responded to this by making a veto that would not anger the public, and used the power of Presidential Veto to reject the bill. Jackson also (probably illegally) ordered the Central government's money removed from the bank and placed in state banks. With this Final act he accomplished what he set out to do when he made the statement, "The bank is trying to kill me, sir, but i shall kill it!"
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KIng Jackson

In this cartoon Jackson is holding a veto scroll, with which i assume he vetoed the Bank Bill, and if you look, there is the Constitution ripped into peices under his feet. This shows that the cartoonist was obviously drawing this to compare him to some of the kings we'd come into contact with, and also that he thinks Andrew Jackson has no respect for the constitution.
A website about Jackson

Although i think this makes him sound a little too wonderful, you can watch the video as well to about even it up