Come To The Southern Colony

by Nastia Kalyniouk

Why You Should Come To The Southern Colony!

1. You should come to the Southern colony because James Oglethorpe (one of the leaders in the Georgia colony) made a colony just so debtors could settle in that colony and get 50 acres of land! That is so caring! 2. The land is so flat and the soil is so fertile and rich that anybody could make a lot of money by selling a bunch of crops. That's awesome!


The people who live in the Southern Colony make money by trading and they make money on plantations by selling crops. The Southern colony traded furniture, tea, coffee, pepper, silverware, and medicine. The Southern colony had indentured servants and slaves to have them clean the house and to work on the plantations.


The Southern Colony is near the Atlantic Ocean so, it is easy for people to sail on their ship to the Southern Colony. The colonies in the Southern colony are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The Southern Colony is really warm. The climate was perfect for farming.


The religious groups that settled in the Southern colony are the Quakers and the puritans. There is religious freedom in Maryland. So, any religion is welcome in Maryland!


Some people that live in the colony are the African Americans, plantation owners, and the Calverts family. They are all really nice! King George II had given James Oglethorpe and 19 other people a charter and they found Georgia. Georgia started in 1733. The Calverts family found Maryland. Maryland was started in 1632. That is awesome! King Charles II found South and North Carolina. North Carolina was started in 1633. South Carolina was started in 1712. Thomas and James Walford found Virginia. Virginia was founded in 1607. Wow! Maryland was started because they wanted to make a colony to provide a refuge for Catholics. I think that's really thoughtful. the colony Georgia was started because they wanted to bring debtors. That is really nice! Finally, Virginia was started because they were dreaming of American freedom! Thank you for reading this flyer!