My Ántonia vs. The Prairie

Report by Brooke Weisheit

Living Life on the Prairie

In the book "My Ántonia" the setting takes place in Nebraska. Back in the day, Nebraska was just a wide spread of grass and prairies. With tiny towns and tiny houses. It isn't like what we have today. We still have wide spreads of land, but there are more houses and towns and bigger cities. Living on the prairie would've been tough because you have a ton of tall grass to walk through and not much freedom of going places right away. In the book, Ántonia and her family lives on a prairie or at least next to.


Prairies still remain in Nebraska all over. They just aren't as common as what they used to be. You may actually have to drive and search for one, instead of one just popping up. Prairies are beautiful. Nothing better than running around in them carefree and smelling the fresh air and feeling the cold breeze brushing up against the grass.

"My Ántonia" Prairie vs. Prairie

In the book, it describes the prairie as a wide spread of grass. In the introduction it describes Nebraska land as "ripe wheat, by country towns and bright-flowered pastures and oak groves wilting in the sun,". That would be agreeable. When the class visited the Ratzlaff prairie, there was a wide spread of tall grass, with an occasional plant with red berries. There was one tree that was by itself. While other trees or mini trees were all gathered together.