Cuban Immigrants

Zaydali Delgado

When did the group come to the United States ?

The first Cuban group migrated to the U.s in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

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How did the group get to the Unites States ?

Cubans migrated to the U.s in a boat-lift. when the Cuban government opened the port of Camarioca to anyone wishing to depart the country, prompted the United States and Cuba to reach an agreement allowing Cubans to fly to Miami on U.S.-government chartered “Freedom Flights:”

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How many members of their group came to the United States?

About 300,000 Cubans arrived between 1965 and 1973.

Where did the group settle ?

Most settled in Miami , where there is a section of the city called “Little Havana ”, after Cuba's capital. Today, 63 percent of all Cubans in the United States live in Florida .
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Contributions the group made to the United States and its culture

Cuba factored into the economic system of the United States and equally the United States greatly impacted Cuban economics. Beginning with illicit trade in the 1700s, the United States quickly became not only the primary market for exports from Cuba but also the primary source of imports into Cuba
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