Martin Luther - Saint or Sinner

By Paul Martineau

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"Martin Luther" Google Images 22 December 2015


Martin Luther is considered a Saint by many people, especially the large following he gathered for his works. Martin Luther was a pious man, regardless of his heretic to the Pope. He was a Monk a very concerned about what the Church was doing. He spoke his mind regardless of what would happen to him. He also started his own religion, Lutheranism, but also sparked a whole spectrum of other religion grouped together as "Protestants"


However, he also was a sinner to many people too. The 95 Theses was very critical to the Pope, which he admits too. Also he was excommunicated by the Church, which means he wasn't allowed to be Catholic. His original ideas lead to even more people coming up with their own ideas, even secular ones. The Council of Trent was forced to take place so they can deal with the Protestants with a Counter-Reformation.