Ernest Hemingway

Ashley Sprinkles

"I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake,you know?"

Interesting Facts About Hemingway:

  1. Married 4 times, and divorced three times
  2. He survived exposure from malaria, anthrax, skin cancer, and pneumonia; and lived through diabetes, two plane crashes, ruptured kidney, hepatitis, ruptured spleen, fractured skull, and crushed vertebra.
  3. He once hit a critic who gave his book a bad review.
  4. His mother dressed him up as a girl when he was a child, because that's what she wanted when she was pregnant.
  5. In Key West, FLorida, there is an Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest.
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More Fun Facts:

6. He once got drunk, and slept with a bear.

7. He thought the best way to spend money, was on champagne.

8. The KGB recruited Hemingway to be their spy and he accepted.

9. The FBI conducted surveillance on him.

10. He thought it would be very dangerous for him to not attend multiple fights a year.

And More..

11. James Joyce would get in bar fights and get Ernest to beat them up.

12. His eyelids were thin, so he would easily wake at daybreak.

13. His daily word count was tracked on a slab of cardboard on his wall.

14. The ending of A Farewell of Arms was rewritten 39 times.

15. He took a urinal from his favorite bar and put it in his house.

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Last Few Facts I Swear:

16. Killed himself with his favorite shotgun, bought from Abercrombie &Fitch.

17. His brother founded a nation off the coast of Jamaica that consisted of a raft and seven citizens.

18. He had a flat butt.

19. He begged his wife not to send him to anymore electroshock treatments, cause he lost so much of his memory.

20. His old villa in Cuba was turned into a museum because Fidel Castro practically idolized him.