William Blackstone,and William Penn

By Tyler Derrick And Adrien Nieto

William Blackstone

William was born in 1723 and was an English jurist.He was first unsuccessful and scholars and teaching.In 1758 he became the first Valerian professor of law in oxford.Blackstone was a good judge but a better commentator. The Commentaries is a systematic, clear, and elegant description of the state of English law in the middle of the 18th century. It had an immediate and outstanding success.

what he did

William Blackstone wrote a very influential book called "Commentaries on English Law." He was a Parliamentary Reformer and as such was aligned with the spirit of the American Revolution. Many of his ideas concerning government were incorporated into the formation of the American Republic.


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William Penn

William penn was born in October 14th,1644 in London,UK.Growing up,during the Era of colonization,William went to Oxford University around the age of 18.After that he noticed a group called the Quakers.Soon after that he joined with them and he turned to the Pacifist lifestyle.He was imprisoned a couple of times to the lifestyle but continued to believe in it.William died a happy man on July 30th,1718.

What he did to help America

William penn used the money he received from King George 3 and established Pennsylvania.William penn was the head of the government until he passed it down to someone else.


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