Queen Elizabeth I

Book Report By Hannah Simonsen


  • NAME: Queen Elizabeth I
  • BIRTH DATE: September 7, 1533
  • DEATH DATE: March 24, 1603
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Greenwich, United Kingdom
  • PLACE OF DEATH: Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Nickname: The Virgin Queen
  • Full Name: Queen Elizabeth I
  • Birth of a Queen

    Elizabeth I, the last Tudor monarch, was born on September 7, 1533. She was born in Greenwich, United Kingdom.
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    Early Years

    At three years old Elizabeth I was declared illegitimate by her father when he executed her mother for treason. This made it unlikely that she would ever be Queen.

    Early Years

    Her sister had her jailed in the Tower of London because she was afraid of her religious beliefs (Protestant). Later she gained her freedom by outwardly recognizing the Roman Catholic religion.

    Education - Tutors

    Her first tutor was her governess Kat Ashley. Kat would have taught Elizabeth grammar and the English language. Elizabeth loved to learn and this helped her to learn new subjects easily.

    When Elizabeth was five years old she started learning foreign languages and other subjects. Elizabeth shared her brother's tutors. The names of these tutors are:

    • Jean Belmain
    • Richard Cox
    • John Cheke
    • William Grindal
    • Roger Ascham

    Education - Subjects

    Elizabeth was taught the standard subjects for royal children. The subjects were:

    • languages
    • grammar
    • theology
    • history
    • rhetoric
    • logic
    • philosophy
    • arithmetic
    • logic
    • literature
    • geometry
    • music
    • religious studies

    She was taught in the morning and afternoon. By eleven Elizabeth was able to speak six languages - French, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Welsh and English.

    Education - Arts

    Her education also included non-academic subjects befitting a lady of her rank and status. These other lessons included:

    • sewing
    • embroidery
    • dancing
    • music
    • archery
    • riding
    • hunting

    During her reign this education can be seen.

    Accomplishments - Becoming Queen

    When her sister, Mary, died on November 17, 1558, Elizabeth inherited the throne and was the last of the Tudor Dynasty. Her coronation took place on January 15, 1559, at Westminster Abbey. She was crowned in Latin, but parts of the ceremony were read in both Latin and English. When she left the Abbey, carrying her orb and scepter and wearing her crown, the crowd cheered for her.

    Accomplishments - Religion

    While Elizabeth was Queen she changed the rule from Catholic to Protestant. In 1559 a change was under way eventually creating the Church of England. Because of Elizabeth's past experience with Mary not approving of her Protestant beliefs and her treatment Elizabeth made sure to tolerate people's beliefs if they were not made public.

    Accomplishments - Protecting England

    Elizabeth's switch to Protestantism created many enemies for here including the Pope, Mary Queen of Scots and Catholic Spain. This created many attempts to remove her from the throne and even on her life. Queen Elizabeth I overcame all of these attempts.

    Accomplishments - Elizabethan or Golden Age

    Queen Elizabeth I had a huge impact during her life. These years are often referred to by using her name - The Elizabethan age. The time is also called the Golden Age because England became a world power and “English Renaissance” happened making art an important part of the culture. Plays by Shakespeare was a part of this time.


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