Rice CS Club Digest

April 11, 2013

Beer Debate Photos

CS Club Events Survey

As the new socials chair, it would be really helpful to me to get some feedback from club members on what things they have liked/disliked from this past year to better target events to the people actually attending.


Survey (Rice account)

Wonder-Space Computer and Technology Summer Camp


Good afternoon. I'm contacting you today to let you know about employment opportunities for the Rice University Computer Science Club members within Wonder-Space Computer and Technology Summer Camp. We are currently hiring students for the Tech Counselor position this summer, and we wanted to extend this opportunity to Rice students once again this year. We have had a couple of counselors from the Computer Science Club before and we were very pleased with their performance, thus we would love to have them back! This position allows Computer Science majors to practice their skills and develop a different appreciation for technology through teaching our children the various applications of engineering and computer sciences.

This position is available to all members and we are flexible with what courses you would like to teach and what schedule works with you. If interested, please visit our website at www.wstechcamp.com and send us your resume to be considered for the position. Let me know if you have any additional questions and I look forward to hearing from you!


Peace, Love, Joy.

Lissette Zavala



(713) 529 2241