Mrs. McQueen

Knowing & Growing Our Mindset

Week of March 19th, 2018

'News and Noteworthy'


Math and Accelerated Math-Thursday @7:45

I highly recommend that students visit some of the websites I have listed at the bottom of the newsletter as a means to better understand the skills/concepts we are studying throughout the school year. In most cases they can simply click on the link and then search for the specific content.

*The 400 computer lab is available every morning during homeroom for student usage for assignments.

Social Studies

TEST on Latin America Thursday, March 15th.

Study guide will be given on Monday.

LATIN AMERICA exploration continues. Students will be comparing and contrasting forms of government as well as the economies of Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba. Since they have previously studied government and economies they have prior knowledge which will help with their understanding.

A guide to our standards:

A guide for notes, etc.:


Class grades are constantly *looping* during a nine week period. This means that if a student demonstrates mastery on a concept within a given nine week period a low grade will be adjusted accordingly with the higher grade replacing it.