Mrs. McQueen

Knowing & Growing Our Mindset

Welcome to 6th grade!

'News and Noteworthy'


Hooray!! We successfully completed the first week of 6th grade! While some may have experienced some glitches, that is quite normal for middle school and working through them together is the key component for success to be achieved. Thank you all for working with us. We appreciate you and our students.

We are spending some time exploring Growth Mindset while also getting used to our new textbooks. The following website has some wonderful resources regarding growth mindset (particularly geared towards math).

Student resources can be accessed here.

Parent resources can be accessed here.

Students tore out pages 1-36 of their textbook and were directed to place those pages in a 3-ring binder. It is critical that they bring their binder to class each and every day with those pages in it. Class work and homework will be assigned on pages 1-36.


We are utilizing Canvas this year which is an electronic platform. Students will be able to find information, access resources, documents, and assignments using Canvas. Parents can observe students. Your student should have already done this through their social studies class and have information for you to sign up as an observer on their Canvas account.

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Class grades are constantly *looping* during a nine week period. This means that if a student demonstrates mastery on a concept within a given nine week period a low grade will be adjusted accordingly with the higher grade replacing it.