Want to Date? Here's How

Colin Bronack

5 Qualities I'm Seeking

  1. Socially Aware
  2. Equally as Sarcastic as I
  3. Enjoys Simple Things in Life
  4. Understanding and Caring with My Problems
  5. Driven

5 Dealbreakers

  1. Use of Drugs or Alcohol
  2. Unable to Hold an Intelligent Conversation
  3. Rude
  4. Doesn't Want to Have a Dog or Cat
  5. No Sense of Humor

My Dream Date

My dream date would be to go to a baseball game together. While at the game we are able to talk and pay attention at the same time. Hopefully, you are as interested in the game as I am so we stay for the whole thing. After the game, there would be fireworks for everyone to enjoy at the stadium. Next, we would go home and relax with pizza and Netflix.

My Favorite Quotes on Love

"Love is really amazing, like how awesome would it be to spend every single day with your best friend, who doesn't want that?" -Me

"Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable" -Wizard of Oz

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