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Lose weight through juices and biotin rich foods

Juice and foods containing fat burning Biotin

Losing weight through juice therapy not only has it basis in the breaking down of fat, otherwise known as adipose tissue, but also in the cleansing of our kidneys, urinary, lymph and blood / circulatory systems. The juices that address these concerns best, primarily come from readily available vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, carrots, green apples, berries and strawberries.

We concentrate on these because of their high biotin content, which is known to help metabolize (breakdown fats and sugars). We need around 1/2 liter per serve, twice daily, mornings and evenings, on an empty stomach.

There are other foods that contain good amounts of biotin, such as goats and cows milk. We also want to cleanse our gastrointestinal system somewhat, so it's better to try and stick with some raw veggies in between taking the juices as well.

If some milk is desired, goat's is probably best however it comes back to taste, also cows milk tends to create more mucus and there's also the lactose intolerance issue.

Chicken eggs contain good amounts of biotin and should be eaten whole, eating the egg whites only is known to cause biotin deficiency, as there is an element in the whites that binds with biotin from other food sources. So as nature intended, eat the egg whole. Don't fry eggs, be sure to poach or boil them.

Good levels of protein is also found in eggs, don't sweat the cholesterol issue either, as there's lot's of proven studies that debunk such concerns. The protein content in eggs helps balance the carbohydrate content of the juice.

The above works well over a period of around 30+ days, of course throw in 30 mins of exercise to help burn up extra calories, 3 days on and 1 off to rest and continue this cycle again.

Additionally get good restful sleep, we actually lose most of our weight when asleep. Have a light snack, an hour before bed, limit fluid intake and try to be in bed before 9.30 pm.

Well, that's it...simple, easy.

'Health is Wealth'.
Greg Gordon - Natural Therapist
Dip, Natural Healing - NS,ID,SM,RM
Certified -CA,CH.