Hi! I'm Nick!

Encantado de conocerte!!

deadmau5 - Not Exactly

I Go to Manchester High School

I am a junior at Manchester High School in Manchester, GA. It's a very nice school with friendly staff and students. This is my first time taking a GAVS course and i'm looking forward to a challenging experience.

I Love my Math and Science Classes

I take all honors classes. I love math and science, they're my two best subjects. I take Advanced Pre-Calculus and Honors Chemistry. I have a love for science and my school doesn't offer an AP course for Environmental Science so I took it into my own hands.


I plan on attending either Georgia Tech or Savanna College of Art & Design. I want to major in Video Game Design, Neuroscience, Computer Engineering or Herbal Science.

Fun Facts

I play soccer

I'm an only child

Edgar Allen Poe is my literary idol

I listen to various types of music (except country)