Teacher Resources

Great Resources to Use in The Classroom

Presentation Tools

Prezi is helping reinvent the art of presentation. Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome instead the power of inter-connection, flexibility, and the unexpected 'Aha!'”

— Chris Anderson, TED Curator

Collaboration Tools

Dropbox is a way for students to share and store information with the teacher and each other. This is a helpful way for students to always have student work available no matter where they are. Dropbox can also allow students to share work with the teacher without having to worry about transportation of papers.

Research Tools

WolframAlfa is a research tool tool that gives immediate computable knowledge to anyone. Students can enter a question or equation and see the answer computed for them. This is a great tool for students to use to help explain information to them when the teacher is not accessible.

Mapping Tools

MapSkip allows students to explore areas around them and around the world through the shared stories and pictures of people. Photos, stories, and sounds can be shared to learn about different areas.

Writing Tools

MixBook is a tools students can use to create personalized books. Mixbook allows the upload of pictures and text so that students can share their knowledge in a new and creative ways. These can be embedded into any web page or printed.

Image Tools

PhotoShow is a way for students to share their photos in a musical show in minutes to tell a story.

Organizer Tools

Webspiration allows students to work collaboratively on a visual project to capture ideas, organize information, diagram processes, create clear, concise written documents. This tools is a protected area for student work. Students can also share the URL with teachers, friends, and parents.

Drawing Tools

WordItOut is a word cloud generator that has custom settings. Students can create one in the form of sentences, whole documents, web addresses or tables. Unlike other tools, Word it out allows students to have control over the importance of the words. They can be customized and shared to websites.

Creativity Tools

Classroom Architect is a tools that allows teachers to put the dimensions of the classroom in and experiment with the layout of the classroom without moving all the furniture around to see if it looks okay.

Widget Tools

Widgetbox provides thousands of widgets to put on blogs and websites.

5 Videos to Help Teachers

Videos are a great way to help teacher develop professionally and learn from other teachers around the world. Videos can also be used in the classroom to help students relate to information in an easy way and engage in the material being taught.
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Water Cycle
The 50 States Song !!!
fractions-fractions song
Dr Seuss' The Lorax - Thneedville Song
Sentence Structure

Podcasts to Use in the Classroom

Tech Chick Tips

Tech Chick Tips has gadgets and software for your digital that are specifically for educators that want technology in their curriculum.


Storynory is a podcast that provides an audio story every week. Children will love the fairy tales, poems, myths and adventures of the stories.

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities brings free video content to help children and the adults in their lives reach their highest potential. They talk about a variety of topics that face children in the areas of health and well-being, school readiness, and emotional well-being.

Ted Talks Kids and Family

Ted Talks Kids and Family has Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir student's imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world.

iTooch Elementary School

iTooch Elementary School has more than 18,000 exercises and is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Math, Language Arts and Science for 3rd, 4th or 5th Graders.