Mrs. Fobbe's Class

First Grade

Reading and Writing

Theme 5, Week 2,
  • Vocabulary words: contact, locate, greet
  • Comprehension strategy synthesizing

In reading, we are practicing taking information from the story and coming up with a new idea. We continue to ask questions before, during, and after reading a book to check for comprehension. Practice this at home while reading your books. in writing, we are moving from prewriting to drafting in the writing process.

Congratulations to Liam for being one of the top readers and winning a Kindle Fire! Way to go Liam!


This week we practiced words with the short e sound.


Finished topic 6, addition facts to 12 and started topic 7, subtraction facts to 12.

  • Adding with 0, 1, 2
  • Doubles facts ( 4+4, 6+6)
  • Representing and recognizing numbers on a ten frame
  • Finding parts of 10
  • Using addition to help subtract

The Class loves Flashlight Friday!

Congratulations to our STAR/STEM students Sophia, Brenna, Grant, and Trenton!


  • We are collecting food for the food drive this week.
  • Monday= Boxed potatoes
  • Tuesday= Dessert
  • Wednesday=Vegetabeles
  • Thursday=Fruit
  • Friday=Jello
  • The book order that came home on Friday is due by Tuesday. If you would like to order any books for gifts let me know and we can make arrangements to get the books home without your child knowing.


I added our link to Quizlet. You can go to the link and practice your sight words. :)