Euro 2012

How To Hijack Euro 2012

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Euro 2012 is happening very soon. Everyone will be talking about it. How do we take this conversation, and make it relevant online.

We're going to create a forum that not only keeps you up to date with the scores, but will also allow you to interact with other social media users.
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How Does the Brand Benefit?

  1. 350,000 unique visitors engaging with your brand.
  2. 3,220,000 friend stream impressions generating constant brand awareness throughout the Euro 2012
  3. Your brand gets to ride the Euro 2012 without having to pay official sponsorship fees.
  4. Strong brand affinity with the public, specifically Malaysia's massive youth market.
  5. Social media presence through constant conversations and Facebook updates of who has won.
  6. We can't lose. Literally. It's Euro 2012 - whoever wins, we can still sit back and enjoy the game!