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March in Like a Tiger

March has flown by (some days literally!) and we have seen more amazing teaching and learning! Teachers are constantly learning and searching for new and better ways to teach concepts. Our students are being exposed to terrific teaching and acquiring great skills and knowledge!


Cindi Cobb

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Fortnite and Basketball Math Review

Review sessions are inevitable in the classroom, and for many teachers, it can be a rather uninspiring exercise. Too often, review activities feel boring and may leave your students feeling unengaged. It doesn’t have to be that way! By choosing some fun and engaging activities, a traditionally mundane review session can become an active and inspiring session. Check out these teachers connecting review to students real life through activities centered around basketball and Fortnite. Students are provided with visuals to show progress such as earning stars or moving along a bracket and have choice boards to guide their learning.

ESL Classes Going Virtual

Westwind ESL classes have gone wild. Students went on a virtual safari in Africa. They skyped rangers at Kruger National Park and Masai Mara Reserve. Students were able to ask questions and learn about animals in the reserves. Students learned interesting facts about the wild animals in Africa.

PreK Exploration

Pre-K students at Bennett Elementary partner up to learn through exploration. Together, students build knowledge about patterns, letters, and books through meaningful, small-group activities. Ms. Keith and Ms. Chavez support their learning by providing feedback and correcting misconceptions as needed.

Models and Visuals in Science

Rebecca Bartlett's 8th grade students modeled convection currents to better understand the movement in the atmosphere and ocean that affect the Earth's weather and climate.

Fifth grade students in Ms. Moushon's class modeled the effects of an invasive species on an ecosystem in a class simulation where students acted out the roles of native and invasive species.

These models provide great representation of science phenomena and concepts and help learners better understand content. Great job!

March Madness!

Basketball fans and book lovers have a lot in common…they both love March Madness! Learners from all across the district have been participating in March Madness reading challenges in which they read texts and vote for their favorites! Students from Westwind Elementary, Frenship Middle School, and Reese Education Center are pictured with brackets of their favorite books and poems!

Talking Points

Eighth grade students at Terra Vista Middle School use engaging cooperative learning activities to help them prepare for their upcoming state assessment. This activity called “Talking Points: Major Events” has helped the students take ownership of their learning by allowing them to select the level of support they need as they review the key events from U.S. History. Students have enjoyed demonstrating their learning while continuing to build upon the key content from their course.

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Terra Vista Learns About Robotics in Different Industries

Students in the College and Career Readiness class at Terra Vista Middle School are studying about how robotics are used in different industries. Students had a guest speaker about drones in the commercial marketing industry and got to breakdown a budget for drone materials and watch a drone fly.

Heritage Students Learn About Binary Code

College and Career students at Heritage Middle School are studying the Information Technology Cluster by making binary code ID bracelets and playing a binary code learning game about bits and bytes.