One person one big change

By Ayako Byers


When I look at that word to over come something and to make a effort even when it is hard at times


You ask yourself what is the difference between Jackie Robinson and Winston Churchill. There is a difference even if they both spoke out but the real question is how they got attention. Winston Churchill spoke out to kids, Jackie Robinson didn't speak nobody would YIELD and listen what he needs to say so he spoke the best way he could through baseball. Similarities are they both PERSEVERANCE to pain inside sometimes is external sometimes it is internal it is still pain and it hurts.
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This is Josiah he is a boy who is very sick but doesn't act like it at all. The cause is Josiah is a is a sick kid the out come is he's a boy you could never tell if he was sick at all


Derek Rodmond is a great athlete he was so great he went to the Olympics. He was running he was in first then suddenly he felt pain in his lower admen. He didn't stop at all until he fell. Someone came though the stands to help him through and it was his father he helped him go to the finish line he hoped all the way there and made is
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After this unit it was big i mean so big. I loved learning about this unit it makes me think I can speak up I can do what anyone can do but I rather do something extraordinary then do something that is the same. I rather be different then my other people. I just wanna be me.