Art Therapy

by Katelyn Pohlmann

What is the scope of art therapy? Is it considered a legitimate form of therapy?

What is art?

When people hear the word art, they typically think drawing or painting. While this does fit under the umbrella term, this is only a very narrow view of something we are surrounded by every day.

What does art have to do with therapy?

Art is quickly becoming a form of psychotherapy. Now that you've got the basics, it's time to define art therapy.

Art Therapists in America Demographics

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The Science of Happiness - Art Therapy

What about you?

Art as therapy is not limited to a person with psychological disorders and their therapist. Anyone can use it. Chances are you have at some point in your life as well. For example, if you've ever been in a bad mood and decided to listen to music to calm down- that could be considered art therapy.
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Game Time

Nimisha Halder

Addict With A Pen - Twenty One Pilots by Nimisha Halder
Fall Out Boy - The (After) Life Of The Party

Zelda Philharmonic

08 Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword by Zelda Philharmonic


Streetlight Manifesto - The blonde lead the blind by ShazzaBaijan

Simpler Methods

There are also stress coloring books and coloring books for adults. While it's been debated whether of not these are actually effective or "really art," these are still, in my opinion, a good option for those who feel they lack the creativity to make their own work.

Physical Ailments

Art therapy can be viral in helping patients with such diseases as cancer. Creating things can help them understand what they're feeling and momentarily distract themself for the time being.

Size and Scope of Art Therapy

Art therapy is a growing profession in the US. To major in Art Therapy, you need to study mental health and the arts. It is considered a legitimate career path.
Finding an Art Therapist in New York

Art Therapy is a budding specialty, and therefore it can be hard to find an art therapist. This website allows you to find the therapists closest to you and view their credentials and typical patients.

Vocab Review

Art is a means by which someone creates something to express themself. This can be through drawing, music, theatre, photography, dance and much more.

Psychotherapy is a professional way to treat mental or emotional disorders.

Art Therapy is a form of therapy that involves using the arts to help a patient understand and legitimize their feelings.


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