Golf Competition

Summer Fun

Thursday, August 20th around 11:15 a.m. This summer day I went to Thorn-berry Creek At Oneida Golf Course to go golfing! My Dad drove Cameron and I there by car. Cameron and I have a competition to see who can get the lower score. While me and Cameron were golfing, I almost had my first hole in one. I like to go golfing because it's fun and it can improve your game.

Science Connection

Mechanics of the Body

This connects to golf because your swing/stroke uses your abdominal muscles to hit the ball the farthest you can.


In golf you can slice the ball that is when you come across the ball with your club face open and your ball will go dead right. In golf there is also a hook that is when you hit the ball with your club face closed it goes dead left.

I Wonder

1- How fast does your golf ball fly?

2- What is the degree to hit your driver the farthest?

3- How come golf is so inconsistent?

4- Why does putting take the most strokes for being the shortest?