The Amazing Life of Ben Franklin

The Inspiring story of Benjamin Franklin's Life Journey

The Wisest Man of America

The book The Amazing life of Benjamin Franklin by James Cross Giblin is about Benjamin Franklin's life journey. When he was young he lived in a town that wasn't very wealthy. His big family struggled with money and instead of going to school, him and his siblings went to get jobs. When he was in his late teens, he helped at his brother's printing company which he soon took over. He printed comics and articles that he wrote himself. Soon more people wanted to hire him or buy some of his articles. Later on he started to come up with brilliant inventions such as improving electricity by catching lightning with a rod. He got offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to sell his idea but instead he printed it in his very own newspaper to help everyone around the United States. Then he worked on missions to go to London and help to settle commotion and rebellions to have America become independent from the United Kingdom. At first he wanted to keep peace and stay under the control of the UK but soon decided it would be best if America became independent. After all of this he became very sick and only had his daughter to take care of him, for his wife and youngest son passed away and his other son had turned against him. Before he passed away he decided to help with one final thing. He gave a speech about creating a law against slavery and signed the constitution. After he died, he became known as the wisest man of the US.

America became independent

Ben Franklin first believed America should stay under the control of England but soon changed his mind. He wanted to put his plan into action to make America independent, but the problem was, his son disagreed. His son then rebelled by killing innocent people. A committee was chosen to write the declaration of independence including Ben but he couldn't draft it because of his son's behavior. As a resolution, a peace treaty was created and America became independent.
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