Learning To Play Guitar

Learning To Play Guitar

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Learning To Play Guitar Frets And Promises

Learning to play guitar could possibly be the wisest thing you ever decided to do. But it will not be easy. Whether you aim to be a professional guitarist or a campfire guitar strummer, there will be pitfalls to cross. This article will touch upon a few of the more common bumps on the guitar playing road with the hope that you will benefit from being warned about what lies ahead.

The reason Learning to play guitar can be one of life's disappointments is that many people do not know how to start. Spending a week or so stumbling through the first chords to "Blackbird" by the Beatles and laboriously picking out the "Iron Man" riff, then putting the guitar away in a cupboard is one of your classic urban tragedies.

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If you are interested in just playing the guitar informally at parties or round the campfire, the best course of action is first, to learn what tabs are and how to read them, and second go online and pick tabs for songs that you know and like, and try to play them.

Usually I would not recommend lessons from your local guitar teacher because they are far more expensive than even the best courses on the internet, but if you are not going too deeply into guitar playing, a few lessons will eliminate some of the uncertainty from the first steps in Learning to play guitar.

One of the big issues for almost everybody who has started Learning to play guitar is which song to learn first. Your own preferences in music will help, of course but the best songs to start on are the ones that will impress other people at parties. "Smells Like Teen Spirit", or "Smoke On The Water".

Something instantly recognizable. The thing with metal is the heavy use of power chords which only need three fingers to play. Twelve bar blues is good - you can learn different lyrics using the same chords.

Another simple solution is to think of albums that you like to play. Are there tracks that have stand-out guitar parts? Write down the names and hunt for the tabs on the internet. Failing that, just look for easy guitar songs. "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd or "Horse With No Name" by America are good ones to start with. Go to about.com for a list of easy songs.

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