By: Olivia Krausert

What is Auschwitz?

Auschwitz was created in 1940 by the Nazis. Auschwitz was located in Oswiecim, Poland. It was in use until it's allied liberation in 1945. The Auschwitz complex was the largest concentration camp. It is estimated that Auschwitz and it's workers murdered about 2.1-4 million people, approximately 1 in 6 Jews were killed. These prisoners were mainly killed by the camps gas chambers, forced labor, disease, starvation, shooting squads, and heinous medical experimentation.

Below you see the entrance to Auschwitz, Barbed wire fence that surrounded the camp, and families at the camp

Irene Fogel Weiss~Survivor

Irene grew up in Czechoslovakia which, when she was eight, her town joined Hungary, this in turn cause problems because Hungary allied with the Nazis. All rights were striped from her and all the other Jewish families. The first task after the 1944 German attack on Hungary was to find all the Jewish families and deport them to Auschwitz. In just six weeks over half a million Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz. When the family first arrived they thought it was a work camp because of the barracks and uniforms, but much to their dismay it was far from that. The moment they got off the train their family was

separated. They were given close to no rights at all and Irene was given one uniform and the meals shouldn't have been considered food. Eventually Irene and her sister Rose were freed and they now live normal lives. They both and children and got married, but one thing will never change and that is the memories of devastation and horror of Auschwitz.