Aboriginal Education

Pre-Residential Schools

How did they learn?

Aboriginals learned through participation and examples. They also learn through play-based learning.

Who do they learn from?

The whole community comes together to help shape the future generations. The community Elders pay an important role in the education, they past down the knowledge/wisdom that they have acquired over the years.

They start learning from birth and participate in activities as soon as they are capable.

Aboriginal Teachers

What was wrong with the education of the Aboriginals before the Residential schools?

The Aboriginals were able to survive thousands of years. The simple answer to the question of what is wrong is that there was NOTHING wrong with the education system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were main topics in education?

The students are taught to respect the land and animals. Aboriginals respect Mother Nature and believe that they must return what they take. This is done through ceremonies and rituals.

What are the main differences between Western Education and First Nation Education?


  1. We have outlined curriculum documents
  2. We teach our students all subjects for all areas
  3. Students have the choice of their career
  4. Education is very individualistic (student worries about themselves)

First Nation

  1. First Nation knowledge is passed on through the community/Elders
  2. The student is told what their calling is by an Elder
  3. The student is taught the skills required needed for their calling
  4. Education is community based (community builds the student)