Expulsion of Lena Duchannes?

After the Winter Formal

By Lynn Zhou

What's Wrong?

In Jackson High, Mr. Hollingsworth, the head of the School Board, Principal Harper, Mrs. Lincoln, and more teachers recently attended a meeting regarding the expulsion of a Jackson student, Lena Duchannes. Many concerned parents and students signed a petition for this. The grounds for Lena' expulsion was assault and destruction of school property. She was already on probation, but now it seems she got herself in deeper trouble.
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Mrs. Lincoln's Accusations

Lena's Assaults

Since the time Lena Duchannes moved to Gatlin a few months ago, she has been causing a ruckus. In one particular English class, she broke a window that frightened and injured many students. Mrs. Lincoln, Jackson's Parent Partnership President, stated, "It came close to seriously injuring several children, and many a them suffered cuts from the broken glass." Because of such an event, some of the frightened students formed a committee, the Jackson Guardian Angels, to protect the students in their school.

Furthermore, according to Mrs. Lincoln, Lena pulled the fire alarm at the winter formal and destroyed 4 thousand dollars worth of equipment. Then, she caused Miss Asher to break her leg when she pushed her off stage. Mrs. Lincoln is sure to close this case for she also has Lena's records from her previous school in Virginia, meaning that this was not the first time she had such violent acts. To the parents and students, Jackson will soon once more be a peaceful school.

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