Sophia's School of Cuneiform

By Sophia Frank

"The best school this side of the Tigris"- The King of Ur- " I give it a 5 star rating"

Join our school to learn everything about Cuneiform!

Do you want to learn Cuneiform? Do you want to become a Scribe one day? Than this is the program for you. Learn about your choice of Pictographs, Cuneiform or being a scribe. Knowing how to write Pictographs or Cuneiform is required to learn how to become a scribe so if your child wants to be a scribe this program is highly recommended.

Our awesome Programs

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Sign up on November 25th and get everything 20% off!!

Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 8am-8pm

The City-states of Ancient Sumer

Please contact Sophia's School of Cuneiform headquarters in Ur if there are any issues

Limited time offer!

We are giving away a free year set of your choice of Pictograph, Cuneiform, or Scribe Programs. To enter, go to your nearest "Sophia's School of Cuneiform" and ask the person at the front for more information. We are only giving out 5 sets. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, while supplies last!
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