[URG] Fluid Review Audit

Let's review what's been happening in MOGX this fall

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Why does this matter?

The Attraction Phase is the most crucial phase that determine the success of your MOGX teams. If we aren't doing the simple thing of reaching out and contacting our applicants, than what kind of organization are we? If you or your team aren't reaching out to the people who have already expressed interest in going abroad through our exchange programs, than what kind of MOGX member does that make you?

If we fundamentally care about making an impact through our exchange experiences, than we cannot keep acting like an unprofessional organization that doesn't care about the people we interact with. Let's get real with ourselves - understand that if you want to be in this function, this behavior is unacceptable - and then let's get to work.

Let's break this down

August 1 - September 22

206 - total applications

19 - rejected applications - 9.22%

131 - Interview Stage (submitted applications) - 70.05%

34 - Open Stage (accepted post interview) - 18.18%

18 - In Progress (paid raise fee) - 9.62%

4 - Match Stage - 3.05%

LCs that currently have uncontacted applicants


Chapel Hill




Eau Claire

Georgia Tech







Ohio University

Ohio State


San Diego



Washington DC


LCs that have not accepted or rejected an applicant all semester

Dallas (9)

Cornell (7)

Georgia Tech (2)

Houston (6)

Illinois (3)

Indiana (2)

Milwaukee (1)

Ohio State (2)

Purdue (1)

San Diego (3)

USC (2)

So, what now?


1. Applications must be contacted within 2 business days post submission

2. Applicants must be interviewed and accepted or rejected within 7 days post submission

If these standards are not being followed, the MC reserves the right to reallocate your applications to a neighboring LC.

If behaviors do not change over the next few days, the reallocation will take place on Friday, October 2nd.

You can find the exported application data here:

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