Made By: Martha M, Klohie K and Maddy L

Interstate Highway Act


What: Highways are created so Americans were able to travel across the country

Time Period: 1950s

Location: The U.S.

Cause and Outcome of Event or Person:

Cause: It was post war and people had money so they were buying cars.

Reason: President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act and a 41,000 mile highway network was created

Result: Americans are now able to travel cross country by car fast so they are able to take family vacations and surplus can be shipped by truck not train.


Significance: With the highway system Americans can take vacations and ship by using trucks. Without it we would still be using trains and cross country travel would not be possible

To Whom: All Americans



What: The creation of the television caused Americans to create the mass media

Time Period: 1950s

Location: The United States

Cause and Outcome or Event or Person:

Cause: The war had ended so people had money and the newest coolest item to have was the T.V.

Reason: People had money and the television had every drama, comedy, news, and children's show

Result: The television was in 90% of american's houses by 1960 and became more popular than radio and movies


Significance: The Television created a mass media that all Americans wanted to be a part of

To Whom: Americans and their families