Surviving Another Week in 5th Grade

Ms. Coady's Weekly Newsletter: Week of October 17th

Learning Objectives for the Week:

Math:Topic 4

4-1: Multiply Decimals by Powers of 10

4-2: Estimate the Product of a Decimal and a Whole Number

4-3: Use Models to Multiply a Decimal and a Whole Number

Multiplication packets are always due Monday. We take a 3- minute multiplication time test on Monday. Any students who scores less than 80% receives a homework packet that is due the next Monday(Tuesday for the following wee due to Fall Break).


Lesson 9 words were given on Friday. The lesson this week is Compound Words. We are using Spelling City to practice our weekly words. The spelling pre-test was today and the final test will be Thursday. Headphones are a must!

Spelling Choice Board sheet(Purple this week) is given on Friday and due the following Thursday; which is our final spelling test day.All students need to have this sheet signed and filled out.


Citing Text Evidence (Scholastic News)

Close Reading : Short Articles

Social Studies:

Unit 7: Life in the US

  • Geography of the US
  • Natural Resources and Climate
  • Economy in the US
  • Economic Regions in the US
  • Personal Finance
  • Government in the US

Grammar/ Writing:

Lesson 11: Nouns: Abstract, Concrete, Collective

Lesson 12: Helping Verbs

Lesson 13: Singular, Plural, Compound, and Possessive Nouns

Opinion Writing: Scholastic News topics and free-write activities for October


Too Good For Drugs Program started last week and will be taking place every Wednesday morning. Students are receiving participation grades for this program.

Important FYI's

Monday: Mini-Economy Sheets are due; Nipsco Booklet is due back Monday 10/17; Fire Safety Presentation (10:20)

Wednesday: Too Good For Drugs

Thursday: State Cookie and Pizza Celebration (after lunch)

Friday/Monday 1024: No School Fall Break

All Students need headphones and a charged Chromebook daily

Upcoming Events:

Monday: Holes Final Book Test;

Tues.10/11: Choir Practice during lunch recess; Spell Bowl Practice until 4:30; Holes Movie to compare with book

Wed. 10/12: Student Council and Spell Bowl Practice until 4:30

Thursday: State Celebration (90% or higher)

All this week we will be working on completing various projects that reinforces skill and content material.

Enjoy Your Fall Break!!



Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music (Mrs. Amsler)

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music (Mr. Lacny)

Friday: Gym

Lunch: 12:40-1:20

Read 180: 1:40-2:40 (Social Studies is taking place for students not in this intervention)

Math Intervention: 2:40-3:05

Fun Friday's: 2:30-3:05 (Friday's for all 5th Graders)

Ms. Coady's Contact Info

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Please send specific questions through my school email account. Also, remember we do use Class Dojo for behavior.