Park Layne Elementary Monthly News

September 2018

Welcome to Our Digital Newsletter

Our digital newsletter contains lots of links and information we hope will make it easier for our families to stay in touch with what's going on at Park Layne Elementary. Please be sure you are getting our Remind text messages with building wide information. If you are not, please contact Mrs. Strader at 845-4470 or via email at We would welcome any feedback on the newsletter as well.

Park Layne Elementary Implements the PAX Good Behavior Game

Have you heard of PAX? If not, you probably have many questions about what it is, why we would be implementing it and how it will benefit our youngest Arrows. Well, The Pax Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is an evidence-based practice consisting of behavioral health strategies delivered by teachers in the classroom. This universal preventive intervention not only improves classroom management, but also provides a lifetime of benefits for every child by improving self-regulation. If you’d like to learn more about the strong research behind the program follow this link.

Last spring, we had the opportunity to send four classroom teachers to a full-day training on PAX which included classroom materials for implementation. These four teachers returned to the building and began to implement the system in their classrooms with strong success. As teachers introduced the “kernels” of the program, PAX voices, PAX hands, PAX vision, etc. these teachers realized that the program had real potential to transform their classrooms and provide students with a way to regulate their own behavior. These teachers then asked if they could tell the rest of the staff about the program during a staff meeting on our May two-hour delay inservice. Other teachers had already noticed these PAX teachers using a harmonica to quiet students quickly and with great effectiveness. Teachers had noticed these students being more attentive when their teachers were talking. Following the inservice, teachers began signing up to attend a full-day training in August. We very quickly had 20 teachers signed up for the training offered through WellSpring in Springfield. Teachers gave up their first work day in August to attend the full-day training. We were so fortunate that WellSpring not only offered us the initial 10 slots, but allowed us to send 10 more teachers, all free of charge. The training included classroom materials and follow-up support for everyone.
WellSpring staff have been in the building gathering baseline data and will continue to visit classrooms each week to support implementation.
The culture at Park Layne Elementary has always been positive, and we’ve used our Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) to work with kids in a positive manner to take responsibility for their actions. PAX is taking all of this to new heights, and we are really excited about the potential for classroom management, increased time for instruction, and the positive influence this is going to have on our students. It takes time to roll out the entire system in each classroom and teachers will introduce the next “kernel” when students have mastered the previously taught one.

Ask a your Park Layne student about PAX voices, or what they like to hear more of and see more of in their classrooms, or ask them about Granny’s Wacky Prizes. I think you’ll be surprised at just how much they can already tell you about PAX. Remind your child that they should be a PAX leader everywhere; at home, at school, on the bus, playing with friends, etc. Before you do something with your kids, you can talk about what a PAX leader would do in that setting. If you are going to the store, ask your child what a PAX leader would do at the store. Answers might be things like, stay with mom or dad, don't ask to get candy or toys, use a 3" voice (that's a whisper voice) etc. You might be really surprised at how much better kids do when they really understand your expectations.

Keep checking back for more ideas for how you can use PAX at home.

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PTO - A Great Chance to Get Involved

Tecumseh Local Elementary Schools are so fortunate to have a wonderful PTO that is so supportive of our students and staff. PTO provides this support through many means. PTO is currently sponsoring an apparel sale providing parents the opportunity to purchase Tecumseh clothing at a reasonable price. Orders are due Monday, September 24. PTO will also be sponsoring a book fair, cookie dough sale, skate parties, pool parties and a spring festival this year just to name a few. PTO also pays the travel costs for all elementary students to attend a field trip each year and this year is also bringing a "field trip" experience to each elementary building. (i.e. COSI on Wheels, Boonshoft, etc.) At the end of last year, PTO generously contributed $5,000 to Park Layne Elementary to go towards the cost of a new Chromebook cart with 30 touch screen Chromebooks that we are now using this year in Technology classes and in classrooms as well.

Our next PTO meeting is Monday, October 1 at 7 pm in the library at Tecumseh Middle School. We really hope to see many of you there. PTO is such a great way to get involved in your child's school, meet other parents and learn more about our schools. PTO officers are President Jordan Rose, Vice President Emmi Bilbrey, Treasurer Missy Carnes and Secretary Mandy Wills. Sign up for Remind alerts for PTO by following this link. Check out the PTO Facebook page for updates as well.

Mrs. Lawrence's Class is September Boxtop Winner

Mrs. Lawrence's first grade students brought in 492 Box Tops in September and earned the rotating class trophy, bragging rights and each student got a new pencil. They are pictured below. Mrs. Howard's kindergarten class was second with 350 Box Tops and Mrs. Adkin's first grade class brought in 301 for a third place finish. Not only do we keep track of class totals, but individual student totals as well. The top three students will receive a free lunch with the principal after our last collection in May.

We collected 18,265 Box Tops last year for total earnings of $1,826.50! Let's see if we can beat that total this year. We have a great start with 3,699 so far. Please keep collecting Box Tops and spreading the word to family and friends.

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Morning Announcements on YouTube - Live and Recorded

Click the link to get to our YouTube page where you can search a date and see our annoucements. Remember, kids are featured on the announcement for their birthday, when they are Hot Ticket Winners and kids also serve as announcers of the lunch menu and weather. We had to create a new YouTube channel when we began using Google Hangouts to record our announcements. We do our announcements each day at 8:40 am. You can watch them live by going to our channel a few minutes before and searching the date. (i.e. 3.4.18)

We Need Your Help - If you are cleaning out, consider donating to Park Layne Elementary

We are asking for donations of the following items:

  • Extra Clothes for Kids Who Have Accidents at School. Sweatpants are best but any long pants - boys and girls - Sizes 4 - 10
  • Items for Dressing Kids for the 100th Day of School - We keep extra costumes for our Fall Parade so thought we could do the same for the 100th Day for kids who forget. If you have any of the following you could donate, that would be great; old eye glasses we can pop the lenses out of, costume jewelry like pearls, sweaters for girls, suspenders or ties for boys, etc.

PBS Rewards

Each month students exhibiting good behavior on at least 80% of the school days that month will be rewarded. Students will be able to attend the PBS Reward. Our first reward was ice cream sundaes and extra recess. Our upcoming PBS reward will be a picnic lunch with Miss Maggie from the New Carlisle Public Library. Miss Maggie will be sharing special stories with the kids while they eat lunch. Other rewards for the year include popcorn and movie, a crazy dance party, Minute to Win It and a wet game of Spodgeball at the end of the year. (That's dodgeball with wet sponges.)

Tecumseh's New Resource Officer at Park Layne

Deputy Loney, Tecumseh's new school resource officer, is visiting all classrooms at Park Layne and talking with students about himself and his job to help put them at ease around police officers and to understand that their job is to help keep us all safe. Kids have been able to ask questions and get to know Deputy Loney a little better. They love seeing him around school and we appreciate the tremendous amount of support he's providing for us.
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Upcoming Events


4 6pm - 7:30 pm Bingo for Books

5 Teacher Inservice Day - No School for Students

10 Two-hour delay Inservice Day - Latchkey opens at 6:30 am. Students to class at 10:25.

11 School Picture Day

12 Boxtop Collection Day

16 Parent Teacher Conferences by Appt.

18 Parent Teacher Conferences by Appt.

19 COTA Day - No School for Students

24 1st Grade Field Trip to Ohio Caverns (Adkins, Allen, Howard, Morris and Stryker)

25 1st Grade Field Trip to Ohio Caverns (Cunningham, Fell, Howell, Lawrence and Rogers)

30 Grade Cards Distributed

31 1:45pm Fall Parade and Parties - Parents welcome