People in Science

By: Brady Horsfall

Jon Bohmer

Jon Bohmer and two girls made a project that was a huge solution to one of the worlds biggest problems and they didn't even know it. The invention is a solar power oven. They did it with 5 dollars worth of materials.

Dijanna Figueroa

Dijanna Figueroa is a marine biologist. She studies metabolisms of creatures in extreme enviorment. Her job brings her to bone crushing waters. She tries to get young people into science.

Mitchell W. Pryor

Mitchell went to Austin University in Texas. He works to finds new ways to use robots. He was a science and math teacher and coach at St. James Maryland. He likes rugby and nuclear engineering.

Agnes Riley

Agnes Riley is a Filemaker From Hungry. She went to America in 1999. She has a motorcycle. She has a dog named Atlas