Habits of Self- Made Millionaires

Harlee Waite, Katie Rapp, Orlando Lopez

The First Habit of Self-Made Millionaires

  • Be frugal
  • Think before you spend
  • Save money wisely

Self-Made Millionaires Know How To Save Money

  • Make a habit of saving regularly
  • Start investing early
  • Discipline yourself to not spend impulsively
  • Open a "Financial Freedom" account

Activate the Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom

  • Feel positive about saving money

Save Money and Love It

  • Don't look at saving money as a punishment
  • Don't associate spending money with happiness
  • Saving is not a bad thing

Rewire Your Thinking and Gain Financial Freedom

  • Change your way of thinking when it comes to saving money
  • Develop the habits listed above