D.O.K. Is Sweeping The Schools

Depth of Knowledge is a prominent way to teach

Depth of Knowledge

Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) is a framework that is guiding teachers to challenge their students to more academically challenging activities. Students are having to think at a higher level which is helping them have a deeper knowledge of the subject matter. D.O.K. has four levels. Level one is for a student to "recall" information. Students may answer basic questions. Level two focuses on the skill/concept where students will make connections and begin to analyze. Level three involves strategic thinking where students will interpret texts and information. The last level is Level four. This level is the highest level and it focuses on extended learning. Students compare and contrast information as well as add research to the activity. All of these levels are necessary for teaching, however the aim for teachers it to move more activities into the higher levels of D.O.K.

The Levels of D.O.K.

Has Your Child Even Been Bored At School?

When your child comes home from school and says they did "nothing", then D.O.K. needs to be implemented in your child's classroom. D.O.K. will encourage your child to think in different ways and experience education in a more hands-on way! They will no longer say they did "nothing" at school. They will be telling you all about the fun they had at school!

Depth of Knowledge

The best way to reach children in through the higher levels of Depth of Knowledge