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Dan Pallotta and his team at Advertising for Humanity put the issues of homelessness, suicide, and kidney disease on the map in a big way, with Homewalk (United Way), Out of the Darkness (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), and Kidney March (Kidney Foundation of Alberta, Canada), giving them a seat at the table of events ordinarily reserved for the mega-cause.

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In 2005 and 2006, we built two outdoor space museums for X PRIZE Cup. All we had to start with was an empty tarmac the size of Rhode Island in the desert of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

You'll notice that we like to use the metaphor of outer space. That's because our imaginations are always exploring the stars. We believe that humanity has every bit as much claim to that territory as carbonated sodas, tablet computers, and luxury cars In just nine years, the charity events our team marketed raised more money than the American Express Charge Against Hunger ($21 million), Pepsi Refresh ($15 million), Hands Across America ($34 million), USA for Africa ($66 million), Product (RED) ($150 million), Kiva ($100 million) and American Idol Gives Back, ($175 million) combined.

It's not every day that someone creates a new category of civic engagement. The long-distance, multi-day, pilgrimage model created by our founder raised $582 million in its first nine years of existence. Since then, the category has raised in excess of $500 million - $1.1 billion total. With that much money, you could wrap the circumference of the earth in dollar bills four times.

Advertising for Humanity - Dan Palliotta


Thank you for reaching out to us and talking to me about GirlsFly!. It’s obvious that your charisma, passion and ability to organize communities has already had a profound impact on many people in your life.

We have only just begun an initial discussion of how we might be able to work together, but as you are meeting with potential investors and donors tomorrow, I’ve put together an outline of a process. We would need to speak more before committing to beginning a partnership with GirlsFly!.

Initial Consulting - $5,000

We would start with an initial consulting engagement at $5,000. This would include a full week of conversations with an Advertising for Humanity team member, preferably in person. From that, we would develop a list of recommendations for your marketing strategy as well as a tailored scope of work and estimate.

An engagement with GirlsFly! would most likely include our branding process, development of a GirlsFly!-in-a-Box Toolkit, development and management of the rollout of the brand, and a business strategy or model of franchising the GirlsFly! event.

Brand Development - $40,000

Our branding process begins at $40,000. This includes an in depth discovery process, where our team comes on site and facilitates a workshop to discover a core understanding of GirlsFly!. In addition to our team learning about and meeting yours, this is a powerful reflective and strategic exercise for our clients. It paves the way for risk taking, innovative thinking, and dreaming big. We look at your organization, locate you within the cause you’re working towards, and then integrate your own personality into the brand. This phase includes the naming, design, and messaging for your organization as well as rules for how to use the brand.

Tool Kit Development

The GirlsFly! tool kit would likely be produced in iterations, unless a clear product is defined in that initial consulting engagement. For example, we might be able to create a “GirlsFly! Manual” which contains step by step instructions for how to host your own GirlsFly! event. Or, this manual might be one component of an entire kit that accomplishes the same goal, but also includes sample press releases, instructional DVDs, and other comprehensive tools. If we are actually designing the curriculum and program, we would most likely establish an hourly consulting contract.

Brand Rollout - $40,000

The next phase would be the management and rollout of the new brand. Again, there are many variables here, but this begins around $40,000. It includes things like building a web presence, developing a business package (like business cards, letter head, etc). Things like helping to develop merchandise (or working with the groups creating the charm bracelets) fit within this phase.

d a n p a l l o t t a /

222 Third Street, #2244 • Cambridge, MA 02142

O: (617) 588-2132 • M: (323) 702-9083

twitter: @danpallotta • skype: danpallotta

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Learn About Advertising for Humanity is a project of CThings. CThings is a California corporation.

Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

About 33 Production and A Few of Her Clients

Thirty-Three Productions, Inc. is an entertainment marketing and event production company founded by Executive Producer, Christine Hansen in 1998. The company implements a unique integrated marketing approach to producing music & charitable events, festivals, tours; humanitarian campaigns; and entertainment-driven event platforms on a global scale.

We create the vital glue between client, project, and strategic partners assuring that maximum exposure and endless attention to detail are given consistently, to every production.

We have a vast network of industry contacts that allow us to deliver noteworthy opportunities to our clients, whatever their needs may be. Whether you want to further your own initiatives by aligning with one of our signature music tours or events, or desire to have events specifically designed to extend your own brand image and impression, dreams become reality… with ease.

Client List:

  • 46664/Nelson Mandela Foundation
  • After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles
  • A Place Called Home
  • Apple
  • Björk
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Blue Ice
  • Charlize Theron
  • Chivas Bros.
  • Cingular Wireless
  • Coca-Cola
  • Does HIV Look Like Me?
  • Duran Duran
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation
  • GM
  • Heineken
  • Hope's Voice International
  • House of Field
  • InterAct
  • Jensen
  • Imagine Media
  • Kendall Jackson
  • KMX
  • Mandela Day Campaign
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Ojai Beverage Company
  • Olay
  • Peapod Foundation
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Rock the Vote
  • SAB/Miller
  • Salute! Beer Festival
  • Saturn
  • Stars & Strikes for APCH
  • Third Eye Records
  • UN Association of USA
  • Urban Box Office
  • Vesta the Restaurant
  • Vista del Lago Ojai

Girls Fly! 12 Asian Nation Tour - 33 Production's Christine Hansen

Dear Gael:

Many thanks for your time and the opportunity to work with you to develop the GIRLS FLY! INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM with the perspective project in Asia and beyond. No question this is a very exciting project and I look forward to providing a meaningful contribution to help you bring this important Dream to Reality for you and all involved.


GIRLS FLY! gives girls and women of all ages and walks of life a nurturing, learning environment that encourages them to discover what’s possible, chart a path of confidence and success, turn their ideas into reality and, in a continuing effort, motivate and enable others to do the same.

Our goal is to expand on the previous success of GIRLS FLY! events and expand them into other international markets including Asia, Belize and other territories as desired.


To mount a 12+ nation fundraising tour of Asia, Belize, etc. that includes a star studded benefit concert event in each territory and an adjacent GIRLS FLY! symposium event in each market.

Utilize each tour market as a centerpiece for a robust media campaign that brings attention & awareness to the campaign message.

Generate sponsor & donor support to mount Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns with each tour sponsor/donor to raise the profile of the GIRLS FLY! campaign on a global scale.

Generate funds that support GIRLS FLY! projects on a local and global basis. Secure GIRLS FLY! Campaign ambassadors that carry the brand message in all territories on an ongoing basis. Build global brand equity for the GIRLS FLY! initiative.

Initiate social media campaign to share content from the “conversation” and create a channel for ongoing education and empowerment for girls.


  1. Collaborate with and report to Gael Sylvia Pullen, to execute her vision for GIRLS FLY! events in each global territory

  2. Christine Hansen and the Thirty-Three Productions, Inc. (33) team to act as Executive Producer of GIRLS FLY! campaign in each global territory

  3. Develop event budget, required timelines, overall strategy to realize project(s) from concept to completion

  4. Oversee all aspects of Branding and Design with 3rd party designer throughout all facets of the event including, but not limited to: Event Branding and Collaterals, all aspects of Marketing, Media, and Promotion, and Website Development with 3rd party vendors

  5. Design a related PR Campaign / Promotional Strategy to generate increased awareness for GIRLS FLY! and its Event(s) while delivering an increased ROI for sponsors

  6. Generate a detailed campaign sponsorship proposal & required fundraising templates

  7. Post initial 90 days and once budgets are approved, execute on all final approved implementation strategies

  8. Executive Produce all live event elements in conjunction with GIRLS FLY! team

  9. Raise Awareness with key targets: Women & Girl Activists, Donors, Philanthropists, Celebrities and the Media

  10. Develop & Expand database for ongoing promotional use

  11. Deliver a key fundraising platform for GIRLS FLY! to build, grow, and evolve to secure support in the short and long term

  12. Implement robust global media campaign

  13. Design cross promotional opportunities with key in-kind partners

  14. Deliver non-formal bi-weekly updates and formal monthly status reports to GIRLS FLY! Executive Directors

  15. o) Execute whatever is required to deliver a successful campaign


Developmental Retainer Fee:

Our standard fee for Strategic Planning services of this scope are $25,000.00 per month.

As we are very motivated for this cause and project, for GIRLS FLY!, we will provide a $10,000.00 per month donation of services and shall be provided a 501 (c) 3 IRS Designation letter from GIRLS FLY! for the donation provided during each month of services.

GIRLS FLY! is to provide 33 a reduced NGO retainer fee of $15,000.00 per month due to Thirty-Three Productions, Inc. in advance of services for the development of: an accurate working budget and timeline, alongside a brand, fundraising, media & marketing strategy once we have commenced services.

We anticipate the basic strategic plan as outlined in points A – F above, including the development of basic website architecture strategy to take approximately 3 months although much will be dependent on the final agreed scope of the project.

Once scope has been finalized, 33 will include in budget forecast the Executive Production and other staff fees required for complete project execution in all territories. We should assume one year to complete the project from concept development to completion.

Please note, any direct project related expenses or 3rd party vendors are not included in this fee.


I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to me to help you shape this initiative, as I love nothing more than supporting GIRLS TO FLY high, far, and wide to realize their unlimited potential.

The opportunities before you are incredibly exciting and I am certain with your contacts and my experience, we will be able to mount an extraordinarily successful tour and supporting campaign that will raise awareness, funds and many supporters for this important cause.

Gael, if you would like to go over this proposal in detail, I am happy to at any time. I look forward to our further conversations to ascertain the best way forward for GIRLS FLY! and to bring your International…

Dreams to Reality.


Christine Hansen • President / CEO • Thirty-Three Productions, Inc.

Benefit & Special Events • Festivals • Humanitarian Campaigns & Concerts • Consulting

Phone: 818.212.4224



Thirty-Three Productions EPK

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