Enfield Elementary School

Weekly Bulletin

October 17-21, 2016

This week's activities:

10/17- Picture Make-up day

10/18- STAR student lunches are back!

10/19- Faculty Meeting (7:40 AM in library)

10/19- EEHSP Meeting (6:30 @ Enfield in library)

10/20- PBIS Committee Meeting (8:15 in library)

10/20- Fire Drill @ 2:30 PM

10/20- ELL Family Fun Night (6:30-7:30 @ Erdenheim)

10/21- CORE Team Meeting (8:15 in library)


Important Upcoming Dates:

10/24- Spec. Ed. Dept. Meeting

10/26- Leadership Team meeting


10/31- Halloween Costume Parade & Parties & Early Dismissal for students

11/2- Faculty Meeting


  • We will discuss SLOs at our next faculty meeting to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Planning ahead, so that you are aware, we will not be doing a school-wide goal. These will be more purposeful to your grade level and class.

  • QUESTION: Are we interested in adding another foster grandparent? There is one available- does anyone have a request?

  • Please do not hold the doors open with rocks or anything else while you are outside with your students. This could damage the doors themselves and it then poses a safety threat for the rest of the building.

  • FALL FOOD DRIVE: Collections will begin on Monday the 17th and can be accepted through October 28th.

Fun pics from the Wizards game!


Observations have started for some teachers. Upon meeting with these teachers and looking at the mylearningplan process, many questions arose about the process. So, here is some information about what I am looking for.....

  • Pre-observations are to be completed on the mylearningplan template. Within this template, I am looking for the "note" portion to be completed, not the rubric, for most areas or one at the bottom. In completing these notes, I will have a sense of what I am gong to see and it gives me points of discussion for our pre-obs. conference.
  • Pre-obs. Conference- This serves as a time for you to tell me about your class and the lesson I am about to see. I may ask a few questions based on your pre-obs form. I will then be looking for you to share with me if there is anything you want me to look for or pay close attention to while I am in there. It is my opinion, that if I can't make your observation purposeful and a learning tool for you, it is pointless. I will not be asking you to re-do your plans- perhaps re-think about it. I want to see what you do each and every day, not a "show."
  • Observation- I will come in and follow the Danielson rubric. I tend to script a lot- classroom environment, quotes, suggestions/feedback etc. I will also be looking for your lesson plan. You can send this electronically ahead of time, if that is easier. I will then go back to work thru my notes and then complete the rubric in the system.
  • Following the observation, we will schedule a time to go over it and complete the process.

I hope this helps clarify the process for everyone. Please let me know if you have any further questions.