Computer Lab Expectations

Rules and Guidelines for Room 203


Welcome to room 203 and welcome to Science and Technology specials! Thank you for filling in for me today. You will see every grade today! You will see 5th, 4th, and 3rd in the morning and K, 2nd, and 1st in the afternoon in that order.

We are a Positive Behavior Support school first and a BIST school second, so please compliment anyone who is being respectful, responsible, and safe. My safe seat is located underneath the TV and by the door for those who need it. Our buddy room is the art room. In my experience, most kids will throw a fit when asked to go to the buddy room and I end up having to call the office, 31001 or 31002 for help.

We have laptops in our lab. It is great because they are newer, but we also need to be very careful. I am very strict with these and any action that you feel is not safe, responsible, or respectful with the computers, please move a student to the safe seat and do not let them back on. These computers need to last us and a lot of kids have lost their computer privilege because of misuse and mistreatment. You will need someone to unlock the computer cart in the morning. I also put these out and hook up the cords. Each one will need a power cord and internet cable. We cannot use wireless.

I also am very strict on people staying in their seats unless they raise their hands to get out. This room is not made to be walked around when students are working at their computer. We have had several kids trip and hurt their heads so I would love to keep everyone safe in their seat. I also do not allow tipping in chairs for the same safety reasons.

The laptops also need to be returned to the cart before you leave today. 1st Grade will help you with that. You will be using Computer #24 today and this is the "teacher machine" for the lab. It can control all the other computers in the lab. Please see the videos in the sub folder to see my lessons and how to use the teacher machine.

Headphones are a helpful tool, but they get treated like junk. I tell students not to put them on until I say so otherwise they cannot hear and they also become a toy to play with. Once you are done with instruction, they can put them on and get to work. It really helps them focus on their own screen and stay on task.

I also have hand sanitizer on my desk if kids are caught with their fingers in their mouth, nose, or eyes. We have had several conversations about how we can spread germs really easy in the lab and that others share our computer so we need to try and keep our hands clean. I give them a very small amount of it if it is needed. I never let students get any on their own.

You will have the D kids today. I will have class lists attached to these plans or I will send them to the secretaries. The classes you will have are Filbrandt, Andersen, Fielder, Fernandez, Ehly, and Gries. There is absolutely no printing! We have very limited resources this year and the kids should not be printing at all. We save our printing resources for our projects.

Please do not forget to watch the videos. I would watch them in the order of: 5/4/3rd video, Remote Desktop, Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, and then the 1st grade. I hope these are helpful. I have also included class lists. Please leave notes about any feedback about students and classes.