Middle School North Newsletter

Week of Sept 20, 2021

Upcoming Dates

  • October 19 & 20 - Parent Teacher Conferences
In honor of the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, our students demonstrated their patriotism by wearing red, white, and blue.

See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole is Wednesday, Sept. 22.

This event is not hosted by CMSN, but rather by students. For those who choose to participate please be aware of the following for your child's saftey.

  1. Please do not drop any student off at the pole. Follow normal drop off procedures. There will be adults present to help your child get to the pole.
  2. Please be cognizant of students and adults crossing the car rider line in the morning.

Morning Check-in

If you arrive after 8:00 in the mornings to drop off your child please check them in at the office. We will write them a pass to class. Attendance is taken at 8:00 each morning.

Check Those Pockets!

Hunting season is upon us. We love to see students spending time in the outdoors. What we don't love to see are pocket knives brought to school by accident. Please check pockets in pants and jackets before your student walks out the door.

Dress Code Reminders

We are seeing lots of dress code violations. We are seeing lots of; Shorts/skirts that are too short, and tops that are short enough to show skin .

The following guidelines outline appropriate dress in Cabot’s schools:

  • All students shall wear shoes
  • Young men shall wear sleeved shirts
  • Young women may wear sleeved blouses and shirts or sleeveless blouses and shirts with broad shoulder straps that cover the shoulders; undergarments may not be visible;
  • Pants, shorts, dresses and skirts will be no more than four (4) inches above the knee. Long dresses cannot have a slit that exceeds 4 inches above the knee standard;
  • For all clothing with waistbands, the top of the waistband must be no lower than the top of the hipbone;
  • Dress codes for the graduation ceremonies will be determined by the high school principal. Clothing and accessories not allowed include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Tank tops and tops with spaghetti straps;
  • Pants with holes more than four inches above the knee with exposed skin or undergarments;  Caps, hats, toboggans, etc;
  • Clothing that displays obscenities, promotes violence, including pictures of guns or other weapons, has sexual implication/content or has reference to alcoholic beverages, tobacco or illegal substances;
  • Bandanas;
  • Chains (e.g. wallet chains);
  • See-through blouses;
  • Pajamas and house shoes;
  • Costumes
  • Other styles, hair, contacts or clothing that may disrupt school

Picture Day

Thursday, September 16th.

Be on the lookout for a picture order form coming home with your child.