Sport Injuries

Open wound


An abrasion is a wound caused by superficial damage to the skin, no deeper than the epidermis. It is less severe than a laceration, and bleeding, if present, is minimal. Mild abrasions, also known as grazes or scrapes, do not scar or bleed, but deep abrasions may lead to the formation of scar tissue. A more traumatic abrasion that removes all layers of skin is called an avulsion.

Abrasion is an acute injury as it occurs instantly and it is known when it has occurs. There is one single traumatic event the creates the injury and recovery time is short for an abrasion. The signs of an abrasion is a cut/graze on the skin which may have a slight contusion around it. The symptoms of an abrasion is pain and throbbing around the area of the cut and it may be very irritating when it gets caught on something such as clothes and bed sheets etc.

An abrasion can occur in many different sports, one of which being football. If a player jumps, on their way own they may catch there stood on their opponent and cause a slight abrasion to the skin of their opponent.

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Incisions or incised wounds, caused by a clean, sharp-edged object such as a knife, razor, or glass splinter.

Incision is an acute injury as it occurs instantly due to one traumatic event. It will have a short recovery time as it will be stitched and will heal quickly.

The signs of an incision is a clean cut within the skin that will have been caused by a sharp object. Symptoms of incision is pain around the area of incision.

It can occur within the sport of ice hockey due to the blades of ice skates being severely sharp. The could easily cause a serious incision to the flesh of an opponent or maybe your own teammate.

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