National Breast Cancer Foundation

Wear Pink to show support and strength!

Who was the founder? And why did they start the Foundation?

Janelle Hail a 34 year old women who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1980. She was in Hospital for many weeks and started to become aware of the lack of information made available to breast Cancer patients in the same situation as her.

Elevn years later in 1991 Janelle over time started training herself with knowlegde and the ability to deliver a message of hope to Women with Breast Cancer. With the support from her family and friends she founderd the Foundation, and made it her mission to bring communitys together along with her own family to help the Foundation succeed. The Foundation was registed by Australia in 1994 and was an official National and international Chartity.

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What is the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community funded organisation in Australia, raising money for research into the prevention and cure of Breast Cancer.

How you can help this Foundation!

We encourage family's, community's and individuals to come together and either volunteer their time to help out with events or come and participate and show your support in future events by wearing pink. Or even put in a donation to the Foundation, and every little donation is a few steps closer to finding a cure for Breast Cancer. And showing your care and support towards this foundation gives those who are diagnosed hope for a better future.

Our Misson and Goals!

We believe that the more funds and support that goes towards the foundation, are many steps closer to finding a cure for all the women out there.

Our major and main goal is to achieve zero deaths from breast Cancer by the year 2030. With 37 Australians diagnosed each day and seven dying from the diesease each day, there is still so much to do!

What our donations and partnerships with other companies have achieved!

Since the National Breast Cancer Foundation was registered in 1994, more than

$105 million has been awarded to fund over 370 Australian-based research projects to improve the health and well being of all women affected by Breast Cancer.

The Speaker Bureau

Is a net work of passionate speakers who host fundraising events all across Australia, sharing stories of hope, strength and determination of people who have survived through Breast Cancer and struggled for many years. These stories inspire and open peoples eyes of how serious this foundation is, and how important it is to people that their stories are shared to others.

Important Milestones to remember forever!


The National Breast Cancer Foundation is established and registered. Is also founded by David Jones & Estee Lauder, companies that joined together as corporate partners to help the Foundation succeed.


Mothers Day becomes a classic and major fundraising event for the Breast Cancer research in Australia!

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The Breast Cancer symbol 'The Pink Ribbon' becomes a major magazine focus in Australia. Its first ever womens magazine focussed on Breast Cancer, hits the Newsstands!


(NBCF) releases Australia's first ever National Action Plan for Breast Cancer research.


(NBCF) funded research reveals that tamoxifen can reduce the risk of women with a high risk of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

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