Greenwich Free Library

Gradual Reopening - The Curbside Edition

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Over the last few months, even as we've been expanding our online resources, we've been waiting for the day when we can finally get back to that most basic of library services - checking out books.

Well, the day has come!

It still won't be the same as it was, but curbside service is a wonderful step forward, especially for the low-tech among us who just want a real book; not a bunch of electrons on a screen.

You will probably notice that the local libraries are all opening at different times and providing similar but not exactly the same services. This can be a bit confusing but it's because each library has its own challenges to overcome and assets to work with. We are all doing the best we can with what we have.

The courier service that allows us to quickly get things from and send things to other libraries is running but it will be a while before it's back to normal. You are welcome to make requests from other libraries, but expect that what you can get and how quickly will be hit and miss.

Libraries disproportionately serve the very young and the elderly - two groups we need to take particular care of. In order for us to make this new phase work, we need all of you to observe social distancing in the parking lot and wear masks when near others.

Since we have never done this before, we will all need to be patient and kind with each other. Fortunately, this is Greenwich, where patient and kind is the norm.

- Annie

Learn the Steps to Get the Books

Starting Monday, June 15th (See below for our modified hours)

Curbside service will open. The public will NOT be admitted into the building.

All returns will still go into the drop boxes for quarantine.

Remember that the courier isn't running, so we can only get you the items we have on hand.

Please limit yourself to five requests per card.

  • You may request books and movies using the online catalog or by calling the library.
  • If the item is something we have on hand, you we can get it to you right away.
  • If the item is from another library, it will likely take longer than usual to get.
  • Once we have filled your request, we will call to check out the items to you. Do we have a current phone number for you? Have your card handy, we will need the number.
  • We will arrange a pickup time and method.
  • For porch pickup, there will be a package with your name on it.
  • For touchless car delivery, call when you get to our lot and open your trunk.
  • Please check to make sure you have the correct items before you leave.
A Guide to Curbside Pickup starring T. Rex and Velociraptor

Library Hours for Curbside Service

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 2pm

Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to7pm

Saturday from 10am to 1pm


We will be accepting donations by appointment only! Make sure to call ahead.

Here is what the Friends of the Library is accepting for resale:

  • Adult fiction in good condition, clean and published within the last ten years.
  • Children’s books in good condition, clean but publish dates are not important.
  • Young adult books, history and biographies etc. in good or better condition.
  • No reference books, cook books, magazines. games etc.
  • Nothing musty, moldy, torn or dirty