How Santa Got Stuck

While cooking up her famous Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, Mrs. Claus accidentally added twelve times the required amount of yeast, the ingredient that makes bread rise. Oh well, she thought. You can’t have too much of a good thing. A normal amount of yeast makes rolls yummy, so certainly twelve times the normal amount will make the rolls even yummier!

Santa, who had his sleigh ready to go at this point, quickly gave Mrs. Claus a peck on the cheek and grabbed some rolls for the ride.

“Sweetheart, have a safe time! And enjoy the rolls! I put a little something special in them this time; I know you’ll enjoy them.”

Wanting to make sure he had a full tummy before getting to work, he inhaled the rolls. Mmm, those ARE good!

He arrived at his first chimney feeling somewhat bloated. Hmm, he pondered, must’ve been Mrs. Claus’s special cinnamon rolls. Oh well. They were delicious and well worth it. Pushing his belly's discomfort from his mind, Santa hoisted his toy bag from the sleigh and leaped into the chimney.

Squeeeeeeak. Santa, inside the chimney, skidded to a halt. He was stuck. Not only that, but his belly kept expanding even as he hung there. Then, all at once, his belly burst and little cinnamon rolls exploded everywhere.

A little something special. Pshh.


Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences Used:

  1. Compound sentence
  2. Prepositional phrase
  3. Participial phrase
  4. Appositive phrase
  5. Adjective clause
  6. Adverb clause